Commercial Storage
September 8, 2020

Commercial Storage Tips for Your Business

Looking for the next step in expanding your business? All Pro Storage has heated and drive-up units to keep your items safe. Store inventory or extra equipment with us to make more workspace or clear out your office. Let us help you with commercial storage.

Use Commercial Storage For:

  • Starting up a business
  • Moving office or warehouse locations
  • Expanding product lines, clientele, or personnel 

Use commercial storage as your tool to jump start your business. You will quickly accumulate a lot of items from it, so use self storage to keep it all organized. Restaurants and catering services can consider storage units to hold their extra equipment and furniture. Etsy businesses can use them to arrange inventory. Even if you only need to store a few things to clean off your home office, your business can benefit from storing with All Pro Storage.

Who Should Use Commercial Storage?

Home Services

In many cases, your truck most likely serves as your main storage area. Leave that space only for what you need for each job. Store supplies and equipment in a storage unit that your whole team can access. Drive-up storage units are especially helpful for quick unloading. 

E-Commerce Shops

In today‚Äôs world, many industries do not even require a physical shop or office space to be a successful business. Employees and business owners can work from home. Renting a storage unit is all you need. It can hold your inventory, clean space for a home office, or store supplies until you need them for a future project. Our heated storage units can give your items the extra layer of protection they need against harsh temperatures. 

Retail Stores

Retail stores struggle to find the balance between fitting all their inventory in their stores and leaving enough space for the store to look aesthetically pleasing to the customers. Keep your space looking clean by storing extra items with us until you need them.

All Pro Storage In Canton OH

Safety is our top priority at All Pro Storage. We have security cameras recording 24/7, and our fenced facility stays well lit. Rent a heated or drive-up storage unit with us on Wertz Avenue Northwest in Canton OH and start giving your business the space it needs to thrive. Rent with us and move in immediately, or reserve for future use!