storage unit size guide
August 14, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide

Are you confused by storage unit sizes? All Pro Storage gets it. That is why we offer experts and resources to help make the self storage experience easy. Read the storage unit size guide below for a look at the storage units we offer in Canton, OH.

Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide

Small Storage Units

At about the size of a small closet, small storage units can hold approximately the content of your bedroom. You can pack in up to a full size mattress with one or two other big pieces of furniture and pack the rest of your boxes and clothes around them. These storage units are ideal sizes for clearing space in home storage areas (basement, attic, garage, shed, closets). Seasonal items that you use only once a year, like Christmas trees, can stay protected in one of our storage units, so you can use the space in your home for everyday, easy-access storage.

Our small storage units (heat): 7×8, 5×9, 7×9

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units are the size of a one-car garage and can store two or three bedrooms’ furniture and contents. These storage units can fit larger equipment, like appliances, desks, and dressers. Additionally, they can store the items from your garage shed that might not fit in a small storage unit: mowers, tools, golf clubs, sports gear, and more.

Business owners can store equipment and inventory using self storage to save money by lessening the need for office space. Leases are month-by-month, offering flexibility to small businesses.

Our medium storage units (drive up): 10×10

Large Storage Units

People usually use large storage units when they move to a new house. These can hold all your biggest furniture, even a vehicle or small boat. With enough space for your biggest furniture (piano, patio furniture, dining table sets, bookcases), your storage unit will even fit a car or small boat that you cannot park at your house.

Our large storage units (heat): 10×20, 10×40

Storing at All Pro Storage in Canton, OH

All Pro Storage on Wertz Avenue Northwest offers heated and drive-up storage solutions for Canton, OH, residents and nearby university students. You can rent leases month-to-month or long term. Visit our storage calculator or call an expert in our office for further help finding the storage unit size you need. Rent or reserve with us today!

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