End of Summer Self Storage Tips

Our Canton OH storage facility has storage options to help you through the winter. Preparing for cooler weather with our self storage tips will make organizing the house faster and less hectic. We have heated storage units so your gear is not left out in the cold, drive up units for easy access, and parking spaces ideal for RVs and vehicles. This month our experts are here to help you prepare for fall with quick tips to organize the house.

Self storage tips for fall

Self Storage Tips Canton OH

  • After cleaning your kayak, spray a protectant over the entire boat. This will keep dirt away while in storage and avoid a second cleaning when the weather turns nice again.
  • Use a rack to store canoes instead of storing them on the floor. Leaving these personal boats on the floor can create a flat spot and damage the structure.
  • Before gardening tools go to the storage unit, clean and sharpen them. If there are any that are past their prime, discard and replace them before you need them again.
  • Self storage is ideal for storing lawn mowers, tillers, and other large yard appliances. Remember to take the flammable liquids out and add a stabilizer to the oil.
  • Keep pool chemicals organized by leaving them in the original containers and clearly marking them.
  • Pool toys should be stored in an air tight container with a moisture absorbing product like DampRid.
  • Our office is stocked with moving supplies like a variety of boxes to help you store clothes and other seasonal clothes.

All Pro Storage is here to help you through your storing experience no matter what time of year it is. With self storage tips and storage space ideal for your belongings, you have what you need to stay a step ahead when the seasons change. Our professionals are waiting to advise you on your next storage rental. Talk with us today about protecting your gear for winter with our Canton OH self storage.

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