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Extra Gear? Sell Items Online

Spring cleaning is here and you may want to decrease your belongings around the house, All Pro Storage has the solutions. From our available Canton OH storage units to tips to sell items online, you are set for a clean organized spring.

Now is a great time to go through your clothing and take out what you have not worn. All Pro Storage can help your next move or relocation or the latest spring cleaning. If you would like to sell items online, use our storage place to keep these items for sale, check out our online storage rentals. We make it fast and easy to storage in Canton OH.

Sell Items Online Canton OH

Where to Sell Your Belongings

There are many sites to choose from to post your product. Post on multiple to see where your items have the best audience.

  1. Offer Up
  2. Let Go
  3. Ebay
  4. Etsy

Steps to Selling Items Online

  1. Use a white background to highlight your product and take a great photo. Photos are an easy way to show off your gear.
  2. In your description be clear and detailed. With gently used items, mention if there is excessive wear and tear.
  3. Negotiate the price!
  4. Stay safe online and meet in a public place if you are not shipping it to the buyer.

College students find selling textbooks back after the school helps cover the initial cost. New parents can find baby clothes online for a growing new born. If you have extra items you want to sell online, use these steps to recycle and profit.

All Pro Storage has heated storage units for cool winters as well as drive up self storage. If your small business is expanding their online store, self storage can be a vital part to your business’s online store. Rent your storage unit online or stop in to take a tour with us!

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