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Outside Storage Tips for Your Vehicle

With snowy conditions on the way, now is the time to prepare your vehicle for outside storage Canton OH! All Pro Storage can offer a secure parking space and helpful tips to get your summer transportation ready for winter. Whether it is the RV, boat or vehicle we can help you. Start with these quick tips for storing your vehicle this winter and start counting down the days till summer.

Top 6 tips for vehicle storage

Outside Storage Canton OH

  • Clean off dirt and debris from the exterior and interior of your car. Dirt can cause the paint to chip.
  • Inflated tires prevent flat spots while the car is sitting for a long time.
  • Keep making your regular insurance payments as well as renewing your registration while the car is in storage.
  • Take off windshield wipers and take the battery out. Winter snow and chilling winds can be harmful to these more sensitive items in your car.
  • While you are washing and waxing your car, if you notice spots of rust, take care of them now to prevent further body damage.
  • Using the parking brake can cause it to stick and put to much pressure on your brakes while sitting; instead use a wheel chock to keep the car from rolling.

All Pro Storage offers the parking spaces that can make storing your vehicle easy. Let our storage experts help you answer your questions about outside parking Canton OH!

Along with storing your car, your belongings may need a little extra space. Our heated storage units keep winter chill out and your belongings warm. If you need help finding the unit that fits your budget and items, talk with us! We have storage experts and online resources to help you choose. Self storage can be an asset to your home or business and we can guide you through the rental process.

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