Spring cleaning with our storage packing tips

Take back your space this spring with storage at All Pro Storage. Our storage packing tips guide you through each room so you can put what is not needed this summer into storage. Maybe you are moving, these tips are perfect to get you moving into the new house in no time. Secure storage will set your mind at ease so this spring you can focus on finding the home for your family. Not only will our Canton OH storage units help during a move but spring cleaning is right around the corner and our extra space can help you achieve that deep refreshing clean.

These storage packing tips are exactly what your home needs this spring! Get started so you can enjoy the warmer weather on the way.

storage packing tips

  • Tape, a variety of boxes, and something to be as a cushion, are just a few supplies needed for storage. Our office has everything to protect and store your most valuable possessions.
  • The right size box will make a huge difference. The big box will hold all your reading materials from the living room but it will be impossible to lift. Use a small box instead for heavy items.
  • Have an organization system that all your moving helpers understand. Color code, number, or write the destination on the outside, these are all possibilities.
  • If the bed frame can come apart make it as small as possible. So you do not lose any screws, put them in a plastic bag and tap them to the frame.
  • Protection while in long term storage is important so buy a mattress cover and dust covers.
  • Have a to-go bag set to the side. This includes things you will need right away at the new house, hand soap, towels, personal items.
  • Talk with friends and family about possibly helping you move. Give them enough advance notice so you can find replacements if necessary.

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