Staging your house for a successful sale with a storage rental

While many of you plan for warmer weather, we know some are getting ready to move homes. All Pro Storage knows this can be a stressful time but with our tips and a storage rental you will be set up for success. Start by staging and storing your possessions on budget with us!

storage rental Canton OH

Create space

You have lived in the same place for some time now so you may have gotten used to where everything is. Before your guests arrive make sure the flow of the house is conducive to new people walking around. Keep the area by the door clear of coat racks or umbrella stands. This is an exciting moment for them but you do not want to overwhelm them. After you decided what must stay, move the rest of your possessions in a storage unit near you.

Modify your color scheme

This is the time to make sure the bathroom towels match and the rugs are still looking good. It is best to be more dramatic with colors in your bathroom than in your kitchen or living room. After you have made some edits choose a style that will work well with material you already have. If you want to go more simple in your decorations, choosing plants is your best option.

Do not forget these spots

The pantry is a must clean area. New home buyers like to see how you worked with the storage you have. Keep everything in it’s place here as well as the bathroom. You want to stay as clean as possible and the bathroom and kitchen are your major selling points in a house. Create some organization under the sink. Minimize the tools used in your kitchen by storing your rarely used appliances with us.

We are proud to help many first time home buyers find the storage rental they need. Selling can be just as stressful as buying, so use our tips and experts when you have questions.

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