Tis the Season For Cheer and Charity

All Pro Storage has storage units to help you store and ways to give back to our community. During the holidays we are here to help you store your presents without the surprise being ruined. While we approach the holiday season we want to benefit our community and you can help! This year we are helping the Stark County Dog Warden gather supplies for the animals in their care. We are excited to pull our community together this season with an organization that we care about.

After the holidays are over, get organized with a small storage unit for decorations or large storage unit for valuables.

Canton OH Holiday

About Our Holiday Initiative

The Stark County Dog Warden assists dog owners when pets are lost, help stray pets find their homes again, and many other tasks to better the surrounding neighborhoods. The dog warden is also here to help answer questions about dog licensing and tips on how to approach stray dogs.

Until December 15th, we will be accepting animal supplies to donate for the dog warden. These items include large bath towels, toys, and anything that may benefit the animal while staying with the Stark County Dog Warden. Anything you give can help make the jobs of staff on call easier as more and more animals are brought under there care.

All Pro Storage is proud to be here when you need storage in Canton OH as well as support our community this year. We are excited to get this charity drive underway, so the next time you drop off your payment or stop by your storage unit bring a few items to drop in our box.

Need storage for the winter? This is what we specialize in! We have large and small storage units so no matter what you need to store, we have extra storage space to do so. Talk with our experts about how you can help our charity drive or what storage option would work best for you!

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