Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Equipment

Do you have the newspaper announcing the biggest win in sports history? Are you looking for seasonal storage units in Canton OH? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, you will want to stop by All Pro Storage. Our units make protecting your sports collection as well as all our sports equipment, easy. So, relax knowing your gear is taken care of with the spacious options at All Pro Storage.

seasonal storage Canton OH

Protect it before you store

For those most precious items you may want to put them behind a case or in a protective sleeve. This ensures an extra layer against dust and keeps everything looking pristine. What do you do with jerseys or fabric memorabilia? A hanging bag with a plastic covering is ideal!

Organization goes a long way

If you are storing your equipment for an extended time, consider plastic bins or even laundry bags to organize. Grouping like items and labeling them will make it easy to find it all when the season comes around again.

Another suggestion for storing these belongings is to give them a good cleaning. Wash pads and mats so they are ready to use for next season. Even adding a layer of charcoal or other odor eaters will help keep the smells out the whole time while in storage.

Choose the right unit

When winter winds start to blow and the snow comes, you will be thankful your most valuable items are safe with us. We have heated units to shield your belongings from the bitter cold. Those dropping temperatures can age fabric and damage newspaper clippings. Talk with an expert about the self storage amenities that will help your valuables stay safe.

Whether you are a collector or a sports enthusiast, a storage unit can solve all your storage issues. We have the Canton OH storage units waiting for you any time of year.

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