Moving & Packing Supplies Made Easy

Protecting your belongings is our number one priority here at All Pro Storage. We are proud to be the storage experts for Canton, Ohio. Protecting your items with covers and bubble wrap will make a difference when it’s time to use them again. Learn the best ways to stay organized and protect your belongings below, with our moving & packing supplies made easy.

Packing supplies

Moving & Packing Supplies made easy:

  • Instead of damaging your objects with tape residue, consider finding self cling bubble pack.
  • The smallest rolls of tape will pack 2-4 boxes. So, if you are only moving a few items this is the way to go.
  • The commercial grade packing tape can sustain temperature changes. You won’t have to worry about boxes coming undone.
  • There is a protective cover for every item. Sofas, love seats, even patio furniture can be protected with a cover.
  • If you are storing a mattress, don’t let moisture ruin your belongings, get a mattress cover that breathes instead of trapping the humidity.
  • Specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes will solve the issue of hanging clothes and can be reused for seasonal wear.
  • Protect your kitchen sets with bubble pouches or cardboard partitions.
  • The disk lock is a stainless-steel lock that has water drainage if your unit is outdoors, which will stop any rust from forming.
  • Newsprint and Kraft paper are excellent absorbents for vibrations during the move.
  • Some miscellaneous items that most DIY movers forget are markers, labels, rope and a retractable cutters.
  • Moving kits take the guess work out of finding all the supplies. Talk with your property manager about the specifics at your site.

When you need extra room or help finding the right supplies, our storage professionals can make your move simple. With moving and packing supplies and extra space right here, All Pro Storage is your one-stop-shop.

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