Handy Storage Supplies On-Site in Canton OH

Are you storing your items in self storage soon? Make sure your belongings are well-prepared for however long you plan to store. The better prepared you are, the easier your storage experience will be. All Pro Storage has heated and drive-up storage solutions, as well as storage supplies, for the Canton OH community. Find one that is right for you. Then start prepping for storage with these tips!

1. Label Bins and Boxes

You probably know by now that you should label “kitchen” on the boxes holding kitchen supplies (and the same thing with other rooms and household items). When you finally get to move items back into your house, you will know exactly where they go without having to open them up. We recommend going even a step farther and fully listing the items in your box. Write down that your box has silverware, measuring cups, serving spoons and that one frying pan that cooks your morning eggs just right. When you are looking for that pan later, you will be able to find it with ease instead of having to open multiple boxes and rummaging through them.

2. Use Soft Items as Padding

You should always include padding in boxes with fragile items, such as dishware, glass, and lamps. Use towels and socks to fill the space between items so they do not move around and break. You can put towels in between dishes or wrap them around your knives before putting them in a box. Socks act as great buffers for smaller fragile items like light bulbs or perfume bottles.

3. Buy New Boxes

The sturdier your boxes are, the safer your items are. Many people try to get as much use out of boxes as possible. This means that boxes tend to sit around over the years and wear down. By the time you start packing them up again, there is a chance of breakage, especially if they took a beating in a previous move or were subject to attic humidity. If you must use those boxes, use them to store light objects with little damage risk. Buy new boxes with sturdier reinforcements for your heavier items.
If you need new boxes, All Pro Storage sells storage supplies on-site at our Canton OH office. During the month of October, a portion of our supplies sales go to breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen.

Need Storage and Storage Supplies in Canton OH?

All Pro Storage is your one-stop shop for commercial and residential storage. We have heated and drive-up storage available to rent and storage supplies sold on-site at our Canton OH office. Our experts are available by phone or at the facility for any questions you may have. Find the right storage for you today!

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