How do you know which storage unit you need?

Is it time to find storage for your seasonal gear or moving boxes while you find the perfect house? Determining what size storage unit shouldn’t be another stress. Our storage professionals are ready to show you they way. Use the size chart to get started.

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7×8: Walk-in Closet

This smaller unit is perfect for seasonal gear and works as a great spot for your business extras. You’ll find you can store a large dresser, a mattress as large as a Queen, and a few moving boxes. The 7×8 will add the extra space you need to keep production up at the office and the garage organized without clutter at home.


10×10: 1 Room

Is the master bedroom becoming a master suite? Our 10×10 storage unit will secure your belongings while you create the perfect oasis.


10×15: Ideal for Large Items

The next size up from the 10×10 will protect the larger packing boxes as well as leave room for a few big appliances. You’ll find room for the TV, washer, dryer and even the fridge. This storage unit is also helpful for many businesses with larger equipment or entrepreneurs who need their own workshop.


10×20: Great for Your Boat or Car!

Our parking spaces will keep the RV and car safe until the next adventure. Whether it’s the extra family car or the summer convertible, a parking spot here keeps your transportation safe.


10×40: Store the WHOLE House

Our largest unit is optimal when moving. Maybe you need to store everything from all your seasonal gear to your household items. You can store the washer, dryer, couch, all your bed sets and more!


Moving can be stressful but narrowing down what size storage unit you need, should not be. Stop in to see the storage options All Pro Storage in Canton, OH has for you!

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