Where To Recycle In Canton OH

Since summer is coming to an end it is time to start thinking about the cooler months approaching. With All Pro Storage we can not only help you with storage units for all your summer tools and equipment but also where to discard items you are no longer using. Our guide will walk you through recycling options in Canton, OH.  We had many great adventures this summer but now is the perfect time organize the house and recycle.

recycle Canton, OH

Donating your out dated items verses throwing them away is one easy way to go green this season. Before you shut the door on summer, take a look at all your items and create a section to donate. If you need space to store your other belongings stop by our public storage facility.

Do you have beach toys that got a lot of use this summer? Most plastic items are recycleable with your local curbside pick-up, but it is best to verify before setting them out. For specific detail look to your city or county recycling rules.

If you went through the whole summer reading list and do not have any room on the shelves for new books, donate some to your public library or school library.

While you are switching the shorts and tank tops for the sweatshirts and boots, give to your local shelter or thrift store. With the cooler weather coming fast, layers are more important then ever for those in need.

In between getting ready for the first day of school and fall festivals, recycle some items you do not need. Anything you want to hold on to, we have the long term or short term storage options to keep you organized all winter. With state of the art security, self storage like ours is a must have!

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