Spring Cleaning Hacks: Task A Day

Start spring cleaning at the first signs of summer with All Pro Storage. Let us help you get your space cleaned up after a season inside. Our storage units in Canton OH are help when straightening up. Divide up the tasks with this challenge.

Spruce Up Your Storage Unit

Don’t forget your storage unit! Stop by your storage unit to make sure everything is in order. Make the seasonal swap easier with these quick tips the next time you are at your storage unit.

  1. Label boxes correctly
  2. Make a clear aisle to get to boxes
  3. Swap your winter gear with summer boxes
  4. Ask us about our Charity Storage auctions
  5. Reserve your storage unit now!

Packing Supplies & More!

All Pro Storage in Canton OH provides more than just storage units for rent. We have boxes, tape, and all the storage tools you will need to easily pack your seasons away.

Our goal is to make spring cleaning simple with the right schedule and ample space you can start storing today.

Get started today and rent self storage in Canton OH here at All Pro Storage!

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Paige Weary

About the Author: Paige is the Reputation Manager at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She is a self storage industry specialist with an appreciation for a good self storage pun. During her downtime, Paige enjoys weight training, kayaking, and losing herself in the pages of a captivating book.