Storing Your Summer Gear

Summer days are on their way! With the warmer weather approaching your family may be the neighborhood hotspot or maybe you’re about to take on new adventures. No matter what activity you enjoy most, summer gear takes over your home before you know it. All Pro Storage in Canton, OH understands the struggles of planning summer adventures, but we can help you organize and get your gear ready for summer!

Is the annual early morning fishing trip coming up? Don’t be separated from your belongings on the most important day. Ask about 24-hour options. Check with your property manager about the possibilities of extra access hours for a small fee.

Keep all your gear at the ready with a safe protected home here at All Pro Storage Have everything ready this season with our steps below for storing your summer gear.

storing summer gear


Patio Furniture:

Consider getting stack-able chairs to conserve space in your unit.

If your furniture is mostly stainless steel, protect it from rust with a waterproof sealant.

Whether you are prepping for the next party or you are pulling everything out of storage for the first time this season, take a moment to examine the cushions for small holes or tears.

Outdoor play sets can be a pain to put away for the winter so, make sure to clean every area and look for any broken or fragile spots that may cause an issue later.


Beach Gear:

Sand gets everywhere! Give your beach tools a good cleaning before putting them back into storage.

The hot summer days can turn your family size bottle of sunscreen into liquid. It is smart to keep your belongings in a temperature controlled space.

Examine everything when you are prepping for your adventures and when you are putting your belongings away until next time. Get rid of any broken or cracked pieces.


Don’t get stressed by your summer equipment, let us help you stay on top of it!

summer gear

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