What Storage Supplies Should You Have While Moving

What makes an easy move to the storage unit possible? Whether swapping seasonal items or moving houses, a little extra space and the right storage supplies can make the difference. All Pro Storage is conveniently located in Canton OH with storage units available on-site and online, but we also have moving supplies in our office. Find everything you need to make moving easy in our Canton OH storage office!

Not only will our moving supplies help your items while in storage, this month your purchase will help the Susan G Komen foundation. To start our charity season we are supporting this foundation in their search for a breast cancer cure. They assist families recently diagnosed and help spread the word throughout our communities nationwide. Join in our excited to fight for a cure!

Your Storage Supplies Shopping List

What should you purchase when planning a move? Boxes, tape, even tarps, we have them all ready for purchase in our office, stop by any time!

  1. Boxes – Use brand new boxes instead of gently used boxes or donations picked up from the grocery store.
  2. Tape – You can never have too much! Do not forget the dispenser for easy assembling.
  3. Locks – The final step to securing your belongings in the storage unit. Forgot yours? Do not worry we offer storage locks on-site!
  4. Bubble Wrap – Keep fragile items in one piece to and from the storage unit.
  5. Labels – mark boxes that need extra care as well as what items are in each box.

How many boxes, rolls of tape, or bubble wrap packs will you need? Moving the house or maybe just a room? This supply guide is a useful tool to determine how many boxes and tape rolls you need to purchase.

Whether you need a few boxes to get started or you ran out of tape or forgot your lock on moving day, All Pro Storage has you covered! A convenient spot to rent storage in Canton OH or pick up a few supplies, we are your go-to option for moving and storing.

Also, check out our storage calculator if you choose to rent your storage unit online and need help deciding which is the right unit. Our size guide is also useful during the start of your moving plans so you know how much to budget for.

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