Why Organization Matters

Why does organization matter? The moment you lose your keys, or can’t find a note pad to write on, you remember why organization matters. With just a few simple tricks your home will be ready for the new year and stay organized all year long.  All Pro Storage has a plan to get your home in tip top shape. Look below for room by room tricks.

Why organization matters


  • Go through your medicine cabinet every month to get rid of any expired medicines.
  • The wall space around your sink is a great spot for bathroom necessities, such as q-tips, cotton balls, etc.
  • A hanging basket in the shower will keep shampoos, and other products coordinated.
  • Add storage above the toilet and door for towels and toiletries. This way guests will be able to find what they need.

Living Room:

  • Double duty furniture, like a ottoman with storage inside, gives a home to lost belongings.
  • Designate a spot for games and electronics. Putting them on bookcases will make your living room look disorganized and cluttered.
  • Put your waste can at the entrance of the room for easy finding. If you know food will be thrown away in this trash can, find one with a lid to lock in unwanted smells.


  • Flat bins on wheels are great for your bed sheets under the bed. That way they are close by when its time to change the sheets.
  • Your clothes can take over your room very fast. Make edits to your wardrobe for items you have not worn in an extended time.
  • Adding cubbies, boxes, or a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed is a creative way to store belongings out of sight.
  • If you notice your dresser drawers are over flowing, think about finding drawer organizers. Remember to measure before purchasing your favorite type.


  • Donate unused toys after kids are done playing with them.
  • Add a song to make cleaning up a fun activity instead of a boring task.
  • Use clear bins with labels on them so kids can easily find their favorite toy.
  • Ask family members to buy tickets to the zoo or museums for special holidays rather than toys. This will help cut down on an overabundance of toys.

When you need help revitalizing your home, All Pro Storage has easy steps to make the process enjoyable.

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